Is there a way to make a report about how contacts became known?


I want to know how contacts became known during a certain timeframe, somethings like this:

5 contacts: lead magnet 1
3 contacts: lead magnet 2
2 contacts: webinar
1 contact: newsletter subscription

Is something like this possible in ActiveCampaign?


Hi @invalshoek,

You should be able to achieve this using attribution with the sources.

Hope that helps,



Hi @pleon

Thanks! But unfortunately the customer I’m working with only has a Lite license. So any other way I can achieve this?


Hi @invalshoek,

Aha gotcha. There is a way to do this; it’s a bit of a pain, but definitely achievable.

You can use site tracking with automation tagging. So, basically if a contact visits page containing UTM=email, then tag with “Source: Email.” You would just want to set this up for all possible links within your customer’s site and that should do it.




Hi @pleon

Sorry for not being clear, but I’m not looking for the source of the contact, but what converted them from unknown visitor to known contact. For example the form for newsletter subscription or the form for requesting an ebook. And then how many time those forms have been filled out in the last 30 days. Is this possible?


Hi @invalshoek,

No worries at all and thank you for clarifying.

If you really want the amount of times they’ve filled out the forms, it would have to be a TON of cascading IF/ELSEs like this:

However, if the main point is what form they submitted, you can just run a search for “has submitted form” instead.




Hi @pleon,

Where do I run this search? Is this an automation I need to build?


Hi @invalshoek,

You would want to do this using the advanced search:

Navigate to the Contact Overview by clicking “Contacts” in the top menu.

You’ll see a search box above your list of contacts in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click into the search box to display the “Advanced search” option. Then, click “Advanced search.”


Use the Segment Builder to define the conditions of your segment. You can use “And” and “Or” logic to combine conditions. Adding additional conditions with “and” logic will narrow the contacts that match your segment and adding conditions with “or” logic will broaden the contacts that match your segment. Please note that it is not possible to create segments based on blank fields at this time.

Click “Search” to display the contacts that match your conditions.

After you’ve defined the conditions that display the contacts you want to create a segment out of, click into the search field again. This will display two options:

Click “Save as Segment.”

A modal window will appear asking you to give the segment a name. Make it a descriptive name so that it is obvious to you later which contacts comprise the segment.

Click “Ok” to save the segment and its name.

The next time you go to send a campaign, during the list selection step, your saved segment will appear in your list of segments.

Note: When creating a segment from an advanced search it will include all contacts (including inactive contacts) that meet the segment conditions. The number of contacts for this segment can display as smaller when viewing the Campaign Summary page before sending an email.

Hope that helps!