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Is it safe to gather credit card details on a webform?


Hi all, I plan to use an ‘unpublished’ page of my website (visible to me but not to visitors of my website) to collect data in order set up my clients projects.

This will include a form to gather name, email, address, as well as a few multi-choice options, fees and payment dates. Once submitted, the form will activate a ‘to-do’ email for the client and a notification for me.

What I’m hoping to do is gather the clients credit card details here as well (so I have all the info I need to begin a project, in one place).

Is it secure to collect credit card details on a form which I would embed into my website, albeit not visible to the general public?

I won’t have an online shop; the credit card details will just be entered manually into my machine in the office.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


No. Don’t do this. AC is not likely designed to be PCI compliant for such things, and quite frankly you’re not likely to be either (if so, you wouldn’t have asked).

Setup with some 3rd party billing solution that can let them enter their card details then charge them as you desire.

Trust me, you do not want to ever have their card info. If you never have it, you can never be blamed if their card is stolen, etc.