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Is it possible to integrate Neto eCommerce platform data in Active Campaign?


I have a query for my client that is it possible to get the data like Purchase Price, Product, login email from online shopping store based on Neto eCommerce platform to trigger the email marketing based on that data?

Are external developers allowed to build the integration plugin like the one we see woocommerce in active campaign integration page?

Your help is appreciated. Thank you.


Hey @engagingcomms,

Yes! You are more than welcome to develop an integration like the WooCommerce deep data integration. Here are the docs for the Ecommerce Deep Data API endpoints -


@engagingcomms how did this work out for you? Did you get an integration working? Is it a 2 way conversation so that Neto Analytics draws in email marketing data too? We’re just starting to look at our options for Neto and Active Campaign, so keen to see how others are doing it.