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Integration of landing page to subscription

Just launched a new website in which the home page is the landing/subscribe page. Currently, when you enter your email to subscribe, it goes to an Active Campaign form I created that asks for some additional info (type of company, which newsletter they want to subscribe to, etc.). A lot of people are going to this form but then leave and don’t finish subscribing.

I’d like to test it so that when they land on our homepage and enter their email, it automatically subscribes them to our email list without them having to fill out another form and see if this increases the number of subscribers we get.

How can I set up to skip the Active Campaign form?

I think the best approach here would be two custom forms, powered by the API to create the contact on the first submission, and then update the contact on the second form which would only ask for the incremental pieces of data you want to catch (it would already know who the contact is).

At least then you have captured the lead at the first submission and can reengage them.