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Integrating a custom coded form into AC



we already use your own forms and are able to successfully track all people who have signed up for them.

However we have one form which can hardy be replaced by your forms. It’s a HTML-made form.
I can read here (Forms Integration) that it would work to create a custom-coded form and integrate it into AC (so it would capture all people who sign up for it and move it into AC contacts).

I am trying to adjust the already existing html form using the div ids, labels, div classes from the Active Campaign form, but I run into an issue.

How can I harmonize my custom form with your data and div/class values? I see that some of the values in AC code and my code differs. For example,
As you can clearly see, for example input type name differs.

In AC form code,a field to insput organization name is:
< input type=“text” name=“organization” placeholder=“Type your organization” required/ >

and in my code it is name=“companyname”.

So, please tell me how can I integrate these forms together using code or editing values? Is there maybe an easier way to map all the fields from my form and transfer it into AC contact fields?

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is there any way I can adjust the VALUE in input type name=“VALUE” in AC code to another value?
For example: change name organization to companyname?

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Hi Kata,

We don’t have a way to do that, as it’s a feature for using OUR forms.

As for the second part of the question, you’d have to create a new custom field with the new name.

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You can try sending your form results to zapiers email parser then create a zap that imports that information to active campaign. In the zap, you can map whatever text you want to whatever field you want.

At least that’s how I do it when I use Contact Form 7 on some clients wordpress sites or others who cannot change their forms, like yourself.