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Include hash in e-mails


does anybody know how to include the contact’s hash in outgoing e-mails via personalization?

Using the API I want to program a product delivery page, which expires after some days. Therefore I need to check the adddate to an automation. My idea was to include the contact’s hash in an outgoing link in an e-mail and then query the needed information using contact_view_hash and automation_contact_view. I could do it with the contact’s ID or e-Mail, but for privacy reasons I’d prefer the hash. So is there a way to use it in outgoing campaigns and automation e-mails?


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Hey @pgerstbach!

So, utilizing the %SUBSCRIBER_HASH%` will accomplish what you’re trying to do. An example would be:

However, you can include the hash wherever you like in the URL.

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Cool, thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try!

Of course! If you run into any hiccups let me know and we’ll get it across the line :smiley:!

Does this still work? i tried using %SUBSCRIBER_HASH% but it just prints the merge tag.

Bumping this as this tag %SUBSCRIBER_HASH% is no longer working.

It works within Active Campaign but does not work within the email which is sent to the customer.

Is there another way we can include the contact’s hash tag within emails?