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How to prevent users or groups from seeing ALL Contacts?

There is no way to block a user or group from seeing all their contacts at

Is it a bug in the permission, reported since 2016
or one idea?

a bad employee can easily copy or take a screenshot of ALL your contact list…

a bad employee who is allowed to include and edit information from his own contacts can sabotage his co-workers to win generous financial bonus business goals…

There is no way to find out, because there is no “log” or “edited by”

I have a very high customer cost to take this risk…

I pay a lot to have thousands of clients in the plus or professional or business plan in activecapaign and not have that simple protection

Users should only see the contacts associated with the transactions to which they have access… or if you have permission

We can’t have the wrong person see all leads, this is chaos.

Seems like AC is lacking of the basic features most CRM offers since 2016