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How to manage therapy sessions in the CRM


Hi there,

I am a clinical psychologist and I am starting to use ActiveCampaign.

I would like to find inspiration on how to manage the therapy sessions of my clients using the CRM.

What I would like to get is something like this:

  • Client contacts me
  • We set a first appointment
  • First appointment is done
  • Client pays xxx euros
  • We set a second appointment
  • Second appointment is done
  • Client pays xxx euros
  • We set a third appointment
  • Third appointment is postponned (something that might happen)
  • Third appointment is set again for a different date
  • Third appointment is done
  • Client pays xxx euros …

and so on

I have tried to do it defining a pipeline for individual therapy, setting stages for each appointment and trying to define an automation but it’s not working .

Can I set an automation to start after a meeting is complete? for example after 2nd meeting is done, increase the amount of the deal for this contact by xxx euros? I can’t see how to do it.

Any help will be welcome! Thank you in advance


This sounds like more than one Deal Pipelines to me. You should schedule a call with support and let them walk you through it. It’s not that hard and you will get it. It may just be a little thing you are doing wrong that is throwing the whole thing off.


Thank you! I just scheduled the call


Hi Patricia,

What a cool use of the CRM and pipelines!

Yes, it’s possible to have an automation begin when the second meeting is done. You could use the “Deal stage changes” trigger to begin an automation that updates the deal value by xxx Euros. So, when you move the deal to the “second appointment done” stage it will automatically add the value using the “Update value” automation action in the CRM category.

I’m not sure how you process payments but it would be nice if you could have it set up so that when they pay for their last appointment it automatically moves them to a new stage and sends them an invite to schedule their next appointment.

Depending on what you are using to schedule appointments, you could also use them scheduling an appointment to automate your pipeline. Services like Calendly and Acuity can notify ActiveCampaign when appointments are booked. When an appointment is scheduled you could change the stage of their pipeline and begin automated email and text reminders, for instance.

I’m really interested in your business and getting your pipeline automated. I love to see people leveraging our CRM to automate as much as possible about their business. Let me know what else you are trying to do. I’d love to work with you to create the ultimate automated process for your psychology practice.


Thanks Brian, your answer was really useful! I am looking forward to explore Calendly and similars, I am still using an old paper and pen appointment book :sweat_smile:


If this is what you are looking for Patricia, you should honestly use Simple Practice. It does all of this with way less complexity.