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How to get existing subscriber to reenter an automation?


We run into a situation every now and then where someone signs up for our product’s pre-sale list and waits to receive a confirmation email. They don’t get one, so they reach out to our client care rep asking for verification. We discover it’s because they are already on the list (like if they signed up a few months ago but forgot).

We also recently revamped the emails in our pre-sale follow up automation – from one okayish email to a four-email nurturing sequence that does a deep dive into why this product would be great for them – so we would like for them to be able to go through the automation again!

Our start trigger is when someone gets on a list. If they are already on said list, what can I do to the automation steps to get them to reenter the sequence again?

Would it make more sense to manually send them through on a case-by-case basis, or is there something I can build in to the automation to catch people in this situation. Thanks in advance!


I think the simplest solution for this would be to change the automation trigger (from added to list) to filled out form. Then in the entry settings make sure to allow multiple entries.