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How to discover a list id?


I need to send a subscriber to a list via api but I don’t know how do discover the id number of that list to configure my api request.

Where is this information?

Another question in the same context:
How can I add a contact to a list with confirmed status via api? I mean that it is not necessary to click in a confirm link in an email to change the statu to confirmed.


If you select the list and look in the URL you should see the list id there


Thanks for answer @elysiumsystems, but when I click at the list menu and then at the needed list there’s no information about list id

Can you help me step by step?


Try clicking on “Listas” in the blue menu, then when you see your lists after it loads, click on the list, then check the URL

Hope that helps!



If you need to access the list id programmatically you can also use the list_list API endpoint, which will return an array of your lists.

ActiveCampaign API list_list

Here is an example of what that looks like using Postman