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How to add custom tracking event to button in wordpress


My wordpress is connected to my ActiveCampaign account with the site tracking enabled. So if I send through a campaign a mail to a client with a link in there and he clicks on it, I track his clicks on my website. In ActiveCampaign under contacts I can then see every link he clicked on. It’s called the URL_Click.

In ActiveCampaign under settings>tracking I created a custom event, let’s call it Download, that I would like to attach to a specific link on my site. The link will open another page of my site.

I can’t seem to manage to connect this event with a click on this link. If I click on it, it still appears as the URL_Click event.

This is how the HTML of my button on the site looks like <a href=*“” onclick=“ac_events(‘DOWNLOAD’, ‘download ok’);”>Some link (I’ve added the asterisk in the code to show what I put)

It would be great if someone could point out what I’m doing wrong.
Extra info: I’m using this plugin