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How to add 3 equal columns in email designer


I’m having difficulty trying to add 3 columns to the email designer - I want to add 3 images with 3 text blocks underneath. I cannot get 3 image blocks side by side. Or even 2 side by side!

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you

Hi Anne!

To add columns, you drag a content block in from the side and release it when the length of the existing image is highlighted. There’s a bit of a technique to it that becomes easier with practice. Here’s a short video showing how I do it.

Let me know if it’s still giving you trouble.

Brilliant, thank you Brian - I’ve got it now, so easy when you know how!


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How do you get the 3 columns to look correct on mobile? So it displays one column image text image text image text, as opposed to image image image text text text.

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I am interested in adding three images on a single line in my newsletter as well but Brian’s link is no longer working? Do you have an updated link?

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Yes, is there documentation in how to layout columns that present well on all devices?


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Looks like this was never resolved. Can anyone offer any advice here? Seems like this would be a common request, yet I can’t figure it out either.

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It is not so hard, you can see an example in the “real estate” template.

first add three image columns blocks side by side.
add three images (recommend to use 3 image that are the same size)
add filling all sides 20px for all the blocks
make the first two images from the left 176px width and the last one 178px width.

unfortunately it doesn’t work on mobile