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How is resubscription to a list meant to be working?


If a contact unsubscribes from a single list (not the %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%&ALL complete unsubscription but just the normal one) how does he/she resubscribe again?

Background: We just did some tests and couldn’t get a previously unsubscribed email to resubscribe to the list they previously unsubscribed from.

We do have double-opt-in in place and are using more than one form on the same list both with double opt-in email set.

Here’s what happened:

  • first subscription for the contact worked fine. After confirming the opt in mail the contact was put on the list.
  • he then unsubscribed and got the unsubscribed status on the list
  • he resucribed (tested both forms, one has some automation attached) and again gets the confirmation email as if he was unconfirmed (but keeps status unsubscribed).
  • after confirming the mail again (twice actually, tried both forms) he runs through the automation but doesn’t get resubscribed to the list.

So my question is: how do we resubscribe them to the list.

There’s no exclusion list entry or something else we could see from the UI that causes the problem.

Thanks for helping,