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How does Conditional "in Contact's List" work?

I’m trying to include a block of text in an email using the Conditional:

If Contact’s List Contains [text]

Does that just mean : if ANY of the titles (descriptions) of the lists they are in contain [text] then this is true?

Just tested, that is apparently NOT how it works.
It tested with my own Contact. It did not pick up “Course”

Here is a screenshot to explain a bit more:

Hi Clay (@bungalowsoftware),

It appears to be the conditions set. I would try “Contact’s list” equals “Speech-Language Home Treatment Course.”

Just tried that with a test version on my account and it worked.

Let me know if it does not work for you though,


Hmmm… are you sure that’s the text you used?

Speech-Language Home Treatment Course.

You included the period?

I tested with the actual name of the list (above but without period) with “” and it didn’t work (didn’t merge)

Contact’s List appears to only include ONE list, not ALL lists.
I included the %LISTNAME% field in the email so I could confirm that the above list was in there.
But it only merged ONE list name.

Can you add a second List for the Contact you’re testing and see if YOU see both Lists displayed with %LISTNAME% ?
If you confirm the above, then I’ll post as a Bug with support. (Not sure what the benefit of only showing ONE list

Here are the lists for that contact (

And here you can see the Lists that the %LISTNAME% contains:


Hi Clay (@bungalowsoftware),

A couple things could be going on here:

  1. Depending on how you are testing this may or may not work, eg: using a random test email not in the account won’t work. The email used to test has to be a contact in the account for the conditional data to work.

  2. For the list you have to use “IS”. Contains works for other fields, but I believe lists it won’t. You can just add multiple conditions instead of using contains.

  3. %LISTNAME% will use the list being sent, and if it’s multiple lists, it will use the oldest available list (in order of creation)


  1. The test Contact I used is in my List.
  2. I did use “IS”
  3. That makes sense. Not a useful field though :frowning:

Did you try this with a Contact that is in TWO lists, and using an AND: “list equals LIST12” AND list equals “List2” ?


Hi Clay (@bungalowsoftware),

I did try that with a Contact that is in TWO lists, and using an AND: “list equals LIST12” AND list equals “List2” and it worked for me.

Not sure what the problem is, but I think it might be best for you to contact support at this point so they can figure out what exactly is going on.

Once you figure it out with them I would be interested to hear what the issue was.


I’m having the same issue… trying to add a text-block only for people that are not on a specific list.
For that purpose I made sure that my test email IS on that list and set the condition to “Contact’s List Does Not Equal (Is Not) LISTNAME”, but the email still displays the block. :confused:

Depending on how you’re testing this could or might not work, eg: the usage of a random check e-mail not in the account gained’t work with free email generator tools like The electronic mail used to check has to be a contact inside the account for the conditional facts to paintings.