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How can I rearrange contact fields

Cna anyone tell me how I can arrange contact fields. Basically, I want to bring up “Tags” to the top.
Help please

This isn’t possible quite yet but this functionality is requested often so it’s something we’ll take care of at some point.

I would like this functionality too, please!!
Any idea when it will be available?



Hi Debbie! I’m afraid I can’t give you an exact date on when you’ll be able to arrange fields but we know it’s important and we’re working on it!

Thanks for the reply, Brian. I look forward to this feature when it becomes available!

No problem. I’m excited about it too!

Just to clarify, I’m not sure that feature will allow you to adjust the order of where your tags appear on the contact record. My understanding is that it will allow you to organize and categorize your custom fields. Fields will still appear above tags, I think, but you’ll be able to control where those fields appear relative to one another on the contact record.

That’s great Brian, just what I’m looking for.

Hi there! This is a big issue we’ve run into with our fields as well. We also realized that some of our default custom fields like ‘Phone’ and ‘Organization’ have been pushed to the bottom and we can’t reorder them.

Any updates?

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Any update on this?

It’s been 3 years since raised you would hope this was something relatively easy to do as it is in other CRMs. Some fields about contacts are always more important than others, and it should be possible to bring these to the top of the custom fields.

You can rearrange the fields on this page in your account