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How can I add a tag automatically when a Woocommerce order is refunded?


Hi everyone!
My ecom site is built with WooCommerce, and I’d like to be able to update the customer contact in ActiveCampaign when a refund occurs so I can run an automation to remove them from the various automations and lists they’re in.

So far I’ve built an automation to unsub them from the Re-Order, Promotions, etc lists… but after refunding their order in WooCommerce I still need to click into the AC contact page and manually add the “Refund” tag to trigger it.

It’s fine for me to do it, because there’s only actually 1-2 refunds per week at most, however I want to automate it for 2 reasons. The first is that automation is good for efficiency, and the second is I need a solution that doesn’t require giving my customer service team access to my AC dash as I don’t want to be a bottleneck in this process and currently I am.

The customer can only request a refund via support email (Freshdesk) so they aren’t visiting a refund page, and therefore Site Tracking isn’t an option (as far as I understand it).

It’s possible to send an email with a button they need to click, but that’s not really any less work than adding the tag manually.

Zapier may be an option, with looking for a webhook when an order status changes, assuming I can specifically use Refunded as a trigger AND have it update the correct contact. I’m not too familiar with setting this up however.

So… any suggestions for a simple way to automate tagging when a refund occurs?

Thanks in advance!



How did you solve this?



Hi !!

I have the same problem, but with a more complex cases.

We are selling baby shoes and it’s normal to have many refunds and size changes.

I want to create an automation to ask for Re-orders when X months have passed from the last shoes purchase, so it’s possible to get a bigger shoe size.

I have also implemented automatic promotions for VIP clients who have purchased more than XXX€.

The problem is that AC Deep Data Integration is not getting any information from Woocommerce related to refunds (partial or complete), or changes in the product variation (in our case, size of the baby shoe.

We are starting implementing a refund page in our website, so the clients are going to request complete refunds and shoe size changes from there.

Could any one tell me if there is something to do with that?

Why AC is not getting this refund data from Woocommerce?

@homebiotic is quite simple to use Zapier in order to do what you are explaining of tagging when purchase is refund. I can help you with that if you need something.

Keep going !!