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High delays on automation emails

We’ve just relaunched a site and implementing marketing automation piece by piece doing a lot of testing. During the last days we see growing delays of 10+ minutes before mails getting sent. I think this is way too long of a delay for people that re signing up to get some information mailed to them.

Is there anything going on already to fix this? I was thinking this was always going fast so maybe something’s just broken? But I wonder not to read anything about it here already.


I agree with you @kommuni 10 minutes wait is too long
I’m getting the same issue - I want a 60-second max delay on certain automations.

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I’m curious about this, too. I look forward to hearing any responses from AC on this.

I’m very interested in this thread. How many contacts are you trying to send to?
I have 500k contacts which were entered into an automation, they took 6 days to add to the automation and a further 4 days to start going through the automation. The response time from tech support via email is complete rubbish, I spent all afternoon on online chat yesterday at one point I was position 57! it took 2.5 hours to get someone to respond on online chat and I ended up phoning Chicago from the UK but tech support wouldn’t speak to me.
When I eventually spoke to engineer solutions I was told I needed to batch the contacts up into 2k or 10k lists. Nowhere on the AC site does it say their system can’t cope with processing the 500k contacts you’re paying for every month.

Does this problem sound familiar to you guys? @danielbarber @kommuni @euroimmo

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