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Help - Keeping a user assigned to certain contact for multiple deals

Hi everyone

Fairly new to Active Campaigns so reaching out for a bit of help.

My set up is that I have about 15 forms set up across multiple websites.

Each time a form is completed a new deal is created.

That deal is then assigned to one of the users in the sales team.

However what I’m having issues with is when the first form is completed by a lead, this then assigns that deal to a sales person.

What I need to happen is next time a form is completed (a different form), that the deal that is then created remains with that sales person / user that the first deal was assigned to.

We are using form completions as a deal scoring basis so we need to ensure all deals remain with the same user.

I’ve found a way to do this if a lead completes the same form as they originally completed I.e so the deal stays with the original sales person but am struggling to find out how to do this across multiple forms I.e if the lead completes 6 different forms - how do we ensure that the contact stays with the same user it was assigned to at the start?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys