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Has anyone been able to update "Account" fields in bulk?

As per the title, has anyone been able to update the “Account” fields in bulk? The only way I was able to create the Accounts in bulk was to upload a list of Contacts, with the “Account (previously Organization)” field as the Account name. This created a new account and added that Contact to the Account. But now I want to be able to update the Account details in bulk.

With over 6000+ Accounts, I do not wish to do this manually, it is would be impossible to maintain.

We are currently using to update the contact details, so the ideal solution would be to push through the Account fields via Segment. I have created everything, and I have even ensured to name the field personalisations the same name as the Segment trait name - but still no dice.

Anyone had any luck doing bulk uploads any other way?

I am also interested in the answer to this, also is there a way to export the account details (like custom fields or address’s under the accounts section)?

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I’ve been able to mass update Account fields by using Zapier. Not an ideal solution, but it worked. I am still interested in learning how to export accounts as through a migration, I ended up with duplicate account records and have no easy way of identifying them.