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Get campaign subject in API


I don’t see the subject line of a campaign in the API results (campaigns endpoint). Am I looking in the wrong place? This seems like a blatant oversight.


I think you need to grab the campaign using this:

Then grab the subject using this:


Thanks for this help. I guess I’m not clear on the connection between messages and campaigns. When I look at a message response, there doesn’t seem to be any campaign-id. There doesn’t seem to be any list of messages in the response of a campaign.

Given that I know the campaign id, how would I figure out all the messages that are associated?


There might be a better way of doing this but I would suggest that you try these steps.

First, get this working:

You’ll need to grab the campaignid to use in this call:

There, you’ll grab your messageid to use in this call:

Then you can grab the subject in that data.

It might be helpful to output the data that’s returned like so:

echo "The entire result printed out:<br>";
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

That should make it easier to see what you’re playing around with at each step of the way.

I hope that helps.


Thanks so much. This does work, and while I think it’s stupid to have make three calls like this for a basic piece of data, I appreciate you helping me through it.

Perhaps to repay the favor, I would recommend the Restlet Client chrome extension – it’s really useful for playing with APIs like this. I use it without an account and it’s been great.