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Fully string of numbers in email address like "" not working on contact_add API?

I try to add new contact via contact_add API, the code same at

And I found just in case numeric email like "" not working. It return error “Unexpected Error Occurred.”.

“result_code”: 0
“result_message”: “Unexpected Error Occurred.”
“result_output”: “json”
“http_code”: 200
“success”: 0
“error”: “Unexpected Error Occurred.”

But when I put ‘x’ like "", it works fine.

This API really not support for numeric email?

Thanks in advance!

I can confirm there is some sort of issue going on. I was able to add but couldn’t added or

Is there still no movement on this? I’m having the same issue with API contact_add - A handful of clients are now on hold…

We’re hitting the same issue - was there a resolusion?

Did you raise this as a support request?