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Form(s) not responsive on mobile


Hi AC community,

All pages of our website containing an AC form do not show properly on mobile.
See attached picture

This was my conversation with support:

I am really curious: Am I the only one how finds it really strange that a online platform like AC cannot/ is not developing responsive forms???

Please share, respond and lets see if we can move them in the right direction?

my email:
our website:

Example of pages with this problem on mobile:


Hey there,

Something is wonky with your CSS, not sure what’s causing it. But just add this to custom CSS in the form builder. Be sure to change the form number (#form_53) to match the form that you are editing.

#_form_53_ {
  width: 100% !important;
  max-width: 500px !important;


Hi @mantelaar,

You’re not wrong here. We don’t explicitly support mobile devices with our forms, though they typically work well enough, but we realize this is shortcoming.
We have surfaced this conversation to our product team.
Additionally, you can use a third-party form as a workaround for now. The best third party form is going to depend on a lot of things specific to your use case, but all the most tightly integrated platforms are here:



I was looking at this right now, can’t believe that they do not support this. This is a important functionality, they need to fix this really soon because this is not OK.

I see that you have removed the form from you webpage?