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Floating bar will not show on my WP site

I created my first floating bar form with automation to collect subscribers to the site. I like the form to be on the top of each page site.

I use WP, Astra Pro and Elementor Pro. I have ActiveCampaigns WP plugin installed (with API key and url connected). Elementor is also connected to AC with API key and url.

I have succesfully integrated my other form with the WP Plugin. I can clearly see that other form in WP-admin -> Settings -> ActiveCampaign, how it look and the embed code. With that other form I copied that embed form on one of my pages with the block “source code” in Elementor. It works absolutely fine.

Now to my problem: I don’t know how to embed the floating bar that I created. I can see the embed code in WP-admin -> Settings -> ActiveCampaign. Unlike the othger form I can’t see the actual form visualized. How shall I trigger the floating bar form to show on top of my pages? I tried pasting the embed code in a source code box on top of a page like I did with the other form but nothing happens.

Tried to google, youtube and look into this forum with no instructions. Greatful for guidance.