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Feature Request for Deals


It would be fantastic to be able to do the following:

  1. Be able to add custom fields to a Deal
  2. Be able to identify a specific Deal in the automation (rather than just the “last one added”) so that I can integrate better with other apps (such as automatic Invoicing in Xero when a specific Deal is won). This is important to me because I may have more than one deal still not won with a particular customer (for example if I have three jobs to do for a Letting Agent, or Real Estate Agent I believe the US term!).


Looking to have fields made available for deals in the near future.

The problem with picking a specific one is choosing the specific one without the automation being useful for a single deal alone… thus we have gone with last deal at the moment.


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that I really subscribe to the idea of selecting deals with a specific name (or part of that name) in automations. Because we have multiple deals going on with the same customer our automations right now make mistakes sometimes.

It would be super helpful!

Best regards,



Nearly two years later, there are still no custom fields available for deals. I have a solution to categorize deals automatically. However, I still need an external solution for that and have to add deals manually to the right pipelines. I would love to have this all integrated in one solution. So, is there an update in adding custom fields to deals?