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Facebook Lead Gen Ads integration

Anyone know how to automatically push new leads from facebooks new lead gen ads into AC lists/automations?

I’ve not tested it myself, but I believe this will work:

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Thanks for that link Brian. Have been wanting to test out the new lead ads, but thought it a hassle to have to export from facebook and then import into Active Campaign. I’ll give it a try now.


Hey thanks Brian, looks like this would do it!!

However Id hate to spend $97 when the AC team really should just prioritize creating an integration for this new fb feature…

I hear you, Robin. A native integration would be ideal, but I don’t think it’s something we are planning on releasing any time soon so hopefully this third party service will do in the meantime.

I see that you already have, but for anyone that hasn’t yet, I’d recommend voting on the feedback request for this so we can quantify exactly how many people want this relative to other integrations that have been requested:

Not sure if I’m late to the party here or if this is new - but I just noticed this morning that Zapier now has a Facebook Lead Ads integration. You can setup a zap to immediately push the data to any of your other apps. It’s a premium integration, but I think still a much less expensive alternative than the other platforms I’ve checked out.


Pretty awesome, right?

This is brand spankin’ new @mavndigital! One thing that I will say about the other platforms that integrate with our platform is that they offer list and soon segmentation syncing with custom audience enable FB ad campaigns.

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I agree this should be added. I personally don’t believe we should have to purchase other products to add leads into AC. Just an upvote …

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Hi @thescholarshipsystem -

Thanks for your insight! Have you added your upvotes to this this piece of feedback yet?

I just purchased this week which includes two modules:

  1. Build Custom Audiences from AC & auto sync them with your FB account.
  2. Pipe leads directly into your AC Account from FB lead ads.

I’m excited to try it all out!


Hi Evielyn @mavndigital how is for you? Does it work well? Are you happy with it?

Thank you,

I’ve personally used and created this automation worfklow (Fb lead ads and Activecampaign) using -

You can setup a bot wherein whenever there is a new lead in your facebook ads manager, you automatically push it to your email marketing software. We used it for Activecampaign and Hubspot.

A lot of actions are possible here. You can add new leads to an automation in ActiveCampaign or add a deal or update a contact.

It’s pretty cheap also. I’d suggest you check this out and try this once -


You can use Apiway. It is a Free Zapier alternative
Here is a video how to connect Facebook leads and ActiveCampaign