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Export of contact with certain tag to Google spreadsheet?


Is there way to export contacts that get a certain tag or submit a specific form to Google spreadsheets? Maybe through an automation?

I looked into Zappier, but it seems I can only use a subscription to a list as an export trigger in Zappier.

I hope there is a way…



Hi Aiyanna,

What I have done is setup an automation which triggers on, Tag change or form submit, and subscribes the contact to a new list i.e export. You can then use Zapier to copy the contact to a spreadsheet.



Thanks, Steve, I will try that.



Hey Aiyanna!

I’d suggest -, another automation tool which we use to do this exact use case.

I use a trigger - “upon a certain tag added to a contact” and action being - “update/add a new row to my google spreadsheet”. Similarly, for new form submissions, my trigger would be - “new form submission” and action - “add a new row to google spreadsheet”.

You can check this ActiveCampaign and Google Spreadsheet Integration from the below link:

I’d prefer such tool which has easy UI and they also help you set-up such automation.