Export Contact Notes


Hi guys,

We are using AC with some real estate agents and we were wondering how we can export the list of contacts within a certain list with the contact notes and other user activity included in the csv exported file?

At the moment, none of this is included - only custom fields and tags etc.

Is there any way to add the contact notes and tasks to be exported as well?



Hi Andrew!

We don’t have a way to export notes or tasks at this time, but you can always use a webhook to transfer that data to Google Sheets, if it’s something you’d like to see outside of ActiveCampaign. Here is a quick guide to setting that up:

Please let us know if you have any questions!



I had the same question and would love to see this as a feature in the future.


Hi @alexkiziah!

Definitely add it to our feedback page: ideas.activecampaign.com