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Editing an Active Automation-What Happens to Those In It?


I am just getting started with AC and setting my first automations. I am sure that I am going to have some tweaking to do along the way. Can I edit an automation that is already active that has people going through it? If I edit a step that is after where a contact currently is in the automation, will they follow the subsequent edited steps? Please let me know if these rules are documented somewhere.

I tried running a quick test, but my test contact in the automation just kind of stalled out and never actually seems to have completed the automation.


I am replying to myself here. In that the automation did finish for my contact, it just took longer than expected (wait 5 mins more like wait 15 mins). And, the contact in progress got the subsequent modified step. All great!


Glad it all worked out. Thanks for letting us know it was resolved.



I actully like to know this as well. I started 1 automation, but would like to extend it with more follow-up e-mails. What happens to the contact that have allready ended the flow, when add a “wait” conditions and a new email to the automation?

Another solution could be to de-active the campaign, but I don´t what happens to the lead that are start or going throught the automation once that happens. Are they put on “pause” and contintue through the funnel with a delay once it is re-activated?