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Edit reusable content block on all locations used



I would like to add a content block to emails in automations that I can edit form one place so all the emails where this content block is used do have these changes.
Compare the function of reusable blocks in wordpress gutenberg.

For more understanding here is what I am trying to do:
I have multiple automations. When people subscribe they go from one to another automation. So I don’t use campaigns, they automaticly receive the campaigns in their order from the automations.
The disadvantage is that I cannot incorporate events or newsworthy items that are bound to be send this week instead of whenever they reach a certain point in an autamation.

Is this possible to do? I couldn’t find it… Or would this a very nice feature to have?


If you’re talking about the reusable content blocks in the campaign editor, it’s not possible to do what you want with that feature.

But what you can do instead is create a “campaign variable” (Campaigns–>Campaign Variables). That will allow you to set up a custom merge tag to insert any content you want in any campaign you want and it will populate across every campaign that uses that variable when you change it.


Thanks Tyler @riskology
I needed to find the time to try this out and it works beautifully.
Thanks soooo much!