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Double opt-in when form not used


Hi there,

I’ve set up an integration with Gleam. I can’t use the AC form; instead, I have to use Gleam’s form.

The integration is working. The problem is that the double opt-in isn’t taking effect on my new list, I’m assuming because we’re not using the AC form.

I have to use the double opt-in for new subscribers because I’m in Canada. How else can I set up this up without using the form?




Hey @meridethbisikercerti,

I’m not familiar with Gleam specifically, but you are right, the integration likely uses the API connection to add subscribers, bypassing the 2x opt-in. You can easily simulate an opt-in autoresponder with either an “autoresponder” type campaign or an automation.

Here is a verbose example using an automation -$WV


Would I be right in thinking that if you set up an automation to imitate double opt-in, every contact added via the API would show as “Confirmed” and count towards the contact count, regardless of whether they clicked to confirm subscription?


@businessstrategysolu that would be true. If you want to be conscious of that I would make sure to shrink the opt-in time period to be much shorter (~24 hrs)


Hi, I do have a similar problem using LeadsBridge. LB just can tag a person and I can click the “double optin” to be active (so new contacts should be unconfirmed I guess - couldn’t test it yet). But LB sais, the double optin process must be processed through AC.
So how can I make a double optin process within an automation instead of a form?
The Button they can click on in the automation email can contain one url. in this case %confirmlink%. How can the same button cause another reaction like sending the user to another url - as it is done within a form-double-optin-process.
Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the link to the template isn’t working anymore.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Jurenka (@schreibfluss),

You won’t be able to use the %confimlink% outside of the form builder. The best thing to do is the suggested above and that’s to handle it manually by tagging all incoming leads from the api something like “APINAME - Unconfirmed”. Then have an automation that looks for any link click and removes that tag.



Hey @jskole,

is there no other way to integrate the the double opt in to the API connection? For us it is realy important, because we are from Germany and we use the leadpages integration.


Hey @Herge,

double opt-in is tied to a specific form, not a list. So if you want to include 2x opt-in when subscribing a user to a list, you will want to make sure to include the form id in the form field when making the API call, and that the form you are including has 2x opt-in turned on.

That’s kind of confusing. Does that make sense?

see form parameters on contact_add api call for example:


Hi @jskole ,

It is not available anymore. Can you provide it again?

Thank you.


Hi @jskole,

Same question here: can you make the example available again please?


Hey @kristoffhenry @immortalis,

I’m sorry! I’ll take a look at this asap and try and get a fresh template in there.


Hi @kristoffhenry @immortalis,

I’m not sure if this is exactly how I did the last one, but should hopefully give you some ideas.

Here is the template:

Here’s my colleague Chris Davis (@activechris) in the marketplace:


Hi @jskole,
Thank you, very helpful.
However, it would be nice to be able to access the template.
I am getting a ‘Template not found’ message for the ‘’ link.


Hey @kristoffhenry, try this one -


Hi all,
we too have this issue.

We have a custom form and need to do double optin.

We worked out that you can pretty much replicate ‘double optin’ via an automation; so no issue there. We normally create a ‘segment’ which equates to the folks you can email (so it would exclude those who have not clicked the double optin link)

One question though; do AC treat contacts who have been through their (form based) ‘double optin’ different? As, of course, our ‘home brew’ solution above would by pass this.



Hey @jskole That automation doesnt seem to work also.

I’m trying to work on this problem right now with GDPR as I cant use Active Campaign Forms.


Here’s what I currently have set up:

And it doesnt seem to send people the next email even when they have clicked the link and puts them in the wait for full 7 days…