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Does AC plan to introduce custom objects?

I know couple of CRM system where custom objects/ modoles can be created by the admins. At least one of them lets it’s users to run automations on the custom objects as well.

Is custom objects something that AC planning to introduce?


No ETA quite yet – but definitely of interest and has been discussed. We use customer objects for our deep data integrations – so it’s just a matter of allowing custom ones.

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Surprised this didn’t get more love over the years. I’ve had a couple of use cases where custom objects would be amazing. I’m sitting on a project revolving at least 20k contacts right now, with the potential for way more, where having a custom object would solve so many workarounds. There’s not a lot of marketing automation platforms out there that have custom object support at the moment, especially at your price point, so it’d really set you apart as the market matures and starts to understand the potential of custom objects.

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+1 for this.
Also surprised there has been no progress on this since original request so long ago! We are stretching the capabilities of Activecampaign and custom objects would just allow us to break away from the constraints of the current modules and achieve what we really want. It would make AC a very complete and more competitive product. I’m sure we, and others, would be happy to even pay extra for such features. @jason and team - please re-visit this feature! Thanks