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Do you use freelancers? If so, where do you find them?

Another thread with my new friend @moemuise got me thinking.

Where do we find credible, cost-effective, and helpful freelancers? Whether it’s a developer, copywriter, or designer, sometimes you need someone quick, or someone to bolster an ongoing long-term project, but how do you go about finding that person?

In the past, I’ve had success with using Elancer before it joined Upwork and 99designs. I’ve also heard awesome things about fiverr and have always been inspired by Skills for Change.

Or, is it a personal referral that gets the job done for you?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!


Hi Ted,
I’ve had great experience with Upwork. My core team are all made up of freelancers I hired through upwork. This includes backend and frontend developers, graphic designers & admin assistants. Not saying every experience has been good. But starting someone with a small project and ‘testing the waters’ has been the best way I’ve found to fnd people who fit.

Some of them I’ve just worked on a project, others as I said earlier have become a core part of my team.

For small niche jobs I also find fiverr is very good and usually with a quick turnaround time.

I’d love to know if anyone else has good suggestions for finding freelancers, I’m always keen to explore new avenues.


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@Ted good topic! It will be interesting to hear others’ experience with freelancers.

I used Elance and 99designs. They may take time, but by having the right system you can choose the right freelancer you’re looking for.

Fiverr is good for some quick works that don’t have to be high quality.

Other than those, I think an interesting way to find a great freelancer is by using Google. Nowadays many good freelancers have a website, so by carefully choosing the keyword you input in the search engine you can find the person you want.

And last but not least, word of mouth is good. By asking your friends/colleagues/partners/family you may get a name or two that will nicely fit for your work.
This is especially helpful when you need the freelance to be in your same city.


@Ted, my experiences:

Upwork: the best place to find good writers and VAs at a reasonable price
Elance: the best place to find high-quality freelancers (writers and programmers), but at a higher price than all the other freelancer sites the best place to find inexpensive programmers and graphic designers for simple jobs

Overall, the best price/quality ratio is Upwork.


Hi Ted,

In my experience how you engage freelancers is far more important than where you find them. Set expectations upfront, make life easy for them and you’ll have a much better experience. We use a relatively simple online page & form for this at the moment

I have a long list of platforms that can be used to find & engage with freelancers, happy to send it to you just drop me an email -


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Upwork: the best place to find good writers and VAs at a reasonable price
Freelancer : the best place to find inexpensive programmers and graphic designers for simple jobs
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I think Fiverr and upwork are the genuine places for hiring the professional freelancers for web design, logo or digital marketing.

Yes, Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr are the best and authentic platforms to find Web Developers, Web Designers for any kind of web development and designing.

I got my things, as they probably had, time management, productivity and a chance to win. With fewer and fewer people having my writing business, my income has grown exponentially from fiver or upwork. I got many project childrens book illustration from fiver.

There are so many companies online that offers freelancers and for academic purpose, freelancers are easily available at: Australian Assignment Help. Although sites like upwork and freelancers also provide freelancers on hire.

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