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Deep Integration with Square


The documentation on integration with square ( indicates that Product ID in AC corresponds to Item ID in Square. I can only see SKU in Square. Is SKU the same as Item ID? If not, how do you locate Item ID in Square?





I’m Tim, the integrations product manager at ActiveCampaign. The Product ID field you see in ActiveCampaign is a combination of the Item ID in Square and the Item Variation ID in Square. The Item ID can be found in Square by opening that item in the Square website and looking in the URL. The Variation ID isn’t currently shown in the Square interface.

Hope this helps!


Thanks John,

I need some more help please.

here is the url - taken from the item page (image attached)

Can you identify the Item ID from here?





The ID is in the URL of that page. Here’s an example: test1


Thanks John. I appreciate it.