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Deep data integration through Zapier Webhooks


Hi guys,
We are planning an integration to an e-commerce system which pushes order data to webhooks. Easiest way would be to use Zapier Webhooks, but currently the action “create order” is missing. Are there any plans to add the new e-commerce deep data integrations through Zapier Webhooks? So for instance if we get transaction data to a webhook will it be possible to retrieve it through Zapier webhooks and then use the action “create order in ActiveCampaign” through Zapier?
Thank you for your feedback.
Best, Gregor


Hey @getunik (gregor),

Yes, there are plans to update the Zapier integration to include ecommerce data, but no timeline on that yet.

Your best bet would be to hire a developer to write a custom service to hit the API endpoint, and cut out Zapier completely. I use the serverless framework and AWS Lambdas to handle custom integrations like this.

What ecommerce platform do you plan on integrating with? I can let the product team know so they can add it to their list of possible native integrations.


Hi guys,

Do you know if it’s possible create zap per product. I want to link each individual product to a mailing list in active campaign. But with the Woocommerce Zapier extension it looks to me it is only possible to link the shop to one active campaign list.

Many thanks in advance


Hi there,

do you have an update or timeline on this topic? We would still be very interested in an deep data integration using Zapier.

Thanks for the update!



Hi @jskole, just checking to see if there are any updates on adding deep data order creation to the AC Zapier zap? It would open up a world of possibilities to us non-developers. I’d be happy to help with any testing or be a beta user. Thanks!


Hi @sustainablepreparedn and @jskole
Just wanted to let you know that we have solved this by using Zapier Webhooks and a custom script in Zapier calling the ActiveCampaign API. So in case you’re using an e-commerce system able to produce webhooks we might help you solve your requirement.
Best, Gregor


Thanks for your reply. I just PM’d you.