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Deep Data Custom Fields


Is it possible to provide custom order or product fields via the deep data integration? Seems like a bunch of use cases for this, but ours is:

We are a travel company and all of our orders have a purchase date and a travel date. We send emails based off both dates. This would be the same thing as adding a shipping date.

Or is there a better way to accomplish this?


Offcourse - you can accomplish this by adding the custom date field into your deal section. You can make for every booking a different deal and chain this to your customer. In this deal you set a custom field with a date type. This date type you can use in automations like “wait until” - “custom deal field date” - “is current date” - +4 days for example.


Hi - if a customer has 2 deals - how does the automation know which one to pick up? I can’t get mine to get the correct date, I think it’s picking up an old deal. thx


Yup – what @kickingpixels said.

Your suggestion works great if just working with deals – but I want a custom field in conjunction with items on an ecommerce integration. I guess I am looking for custom fields associated with an ecommerce order, or ecommerce items.


@kickingpixels It’s important to start the automation triggered on a specific deal. The rest of the automation is based on that deal then.


@janw - we are also waiting for this integration. That would be lovely for us as well. We do want to use or more custom fields in ecommerce integration - or more power on the custom deal fields.

But we do have now a pretty workable situation where we are adding a new deal for every booking that is made. We are way more flexible than using only Ecommerce integration with too few detailed fields. (We are do using them as well, just to be sure when ActiveCampaign every changes this we will have ‘some’ data though).