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Creating a custom time (or date and timestamp) field


I have an automation that gets date and time data via Zapier.
The user can schedule an appointment and the time is automatically updated in their user card and they get an email with the option to enter the appointment in their calendar (we use eventable).
Zapier sends the date and time data in one of two formats. yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss or MM dd, yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
I can also manipulate Zapier to send the date and time in any format I define. but the problem is that I can’t capture a time field in ActiveCampaign.
I’ve tried creating a text field and a date field and passing the data into there.
I would like to set a wait condition until 1 hour before the hour set in this field.
When I set the field as a text field, I can’t do any wait manipulations on the field.
When I set it as a date field, i lose all the time data and so can’t create any conditions on the time.
Is there any way to set a time field as a custom field?


I’m needing to do exactly this, with a date and time from Calendly.
Surely it can be done?
How do we send the time of day to AC? And then wait until an hour before that time?