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Create custom date field +1 month


Is it possible to set “current date +1 month” for a custom date field in an automation?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @internetvideolearnin,

So, you wouldn’t be able to create a custom date field and add 1 month. However, if I am understanding correctly, since you are using an automation you could just add a “Wait” step of 1 month.

Let me know if that didn’t answer your question. If not, we can figure out a better solution.




Thanks for your help!

What I’m trying to do is to add the end date of my online course to a custom field. The end date of the course is always “current date +1 month”. Meaning that when someone buys access in February the course access will end in 28 days and when it’s December, it will be 31 days. On the end date I would like to revoke user access to the course via an AC automation. This can be done by your suggestion. But if I would like to have a count down promotion, it’s gonna be difficult since I can’t calculate the end-date. It seems like I need a work-around. E.g. have an API call add the custom date field value of current date + 1 month. Am I correct? Or are there other ways?


Absolutely @internetvideolearnin!

Yeah, the API call that you suggested would be the best workaround for this scenario.



I have a similar question…

I read this article:

which talks about merge field (%Day_Today%) so it will set it to the current day of the week.

Is it possible to set it to current Day+ 4 days for example?

I dont want the merge field to be set to current day, i want it to be set to 4 days in advance, whatever day the subscriber gets the email.