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Conditional checks based on custom deal fields not working

Hello all,

I’m at the very end of development and hit a snag, one that someone may have run into.

I have 3 pipelines:
pipeline 1
pipeline 2
pipeline 3

in each pipeline I have 1 stage
pipeline 1/stage 1
pipeline 2/stage 1
pipeline 3/stage 1

We have custom deal fields created and automations for each pipeline/stage that does the proper math depending on which deal you have.

Each pipeline/stage/automation combo works on their own, however a customer can have a deal in each stage, and this is where things go wibbly/wonky.

John Smith has the following created:

pipeline 1/stage 1 = DEAL p1s1 – created 1pm
pipeline 3/stage 1 = DEAL p3s1 – created 2pm
pipeline 2/stage 1 = DEAL p2s1 – created 3pm

I have an automation triggered at a specific time to run for pipeline 3/stage 1 Deals, and within that automation I have the following IF/ELSE:

HAS DEAL IN STAGE pipeline 3 stage 1
custom deal field 1 greater than 0

One would assume that this would look at custom deal field 1 within “pipeline 3/stage 1”, however, this logic does get the HAS DEAL IN STAGE part correct, but when looking at custom deal field 1, it looks at the value in the last created deal, in this case that deal is : “pipeline 2/stage 1 = DEAL p2s1 – created 3pm”. Not desired…

This acts the same with with a WAIT

HAS DEAL IN STAGE pipeline 3 stage 1
custom deal field 1 greater than 0

I am looking for the behavior to set the pipeline/stage/deal within the automation so IF/ELSE and WAITs work on the proper custom deal field, similar to how the math operations work where we can specify the pipeline.

Has anyone else run into this? Does the above make sense?

I sent an email to help@ and am waiting for a response, so thought I would check here.

thanx for any help.


I found this page:

which talks about triggered deals. All I see in the WAIT and IF/ELSE is “Has deal in” not “Triggered deal”. What needs to take place to get the “This deal is in stage” options?



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does anyone have any workarounds to this? our automations are based off doing conditional checks and WAIT’s on custom deal fields.

It’s disappointing that this is not a feature.

does anyone know if zapier would help in this scenario?

any info or direction to take is most appreciated.

Happy holidays to the states!