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Change of reply E-mail



I would like to remove the activecampaign mark in my reply emails. When my contacts receive my e-mails they receive it from my business email, but when they want to reply they receive email adress that looks like this

I would like to connect my business email adress to Activecampaign so my customers can reply to it directly, while Activecampaign can still track their reply rate.

Thanks for your help,



Hi Matthew,

Just jumping in here real quick. With reply tracking turned on, ActiveCampaign has to show the contact that their response is rerouted to our servers for us to track before being forwarded onto your email address.

There is not a way to remove this address with reply tracking turned on. The only way to remove it is to turn off reply tracking. You would still receive the replies to the email address you specified in the Reply To field, or it would go to the From address if no email address is in the Reply To field.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have any other questions.

Thank you,