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Can't seem to integrate my Bloom 3rd party plugin with my automation


Is anyone familiar with Bloom plug-in from Elegant Themes? Have you used it with your Active Campaign automations? I can’t seem to connect my Bloom opt-in form with my automation. All I get is the “canned” form from AC when I try to opt-in on my site, not the confirmation email I created as part of my automation.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Paula Jo


Hi @storytellingwithphot,

Forgive my speculation, I am not familiar with Bloom specifically.

It sounds like you have double-opt in turned on for the form. In order for this to be possible, it sounds like Bloom is either creating its own forms in your account, or syncing with an existing form.

If you want to handle 2x opt-in manually from an automation, you will want to make sure it is turned off at the form level, otherwise AC will send that autoresponder confirmation.

Hope that helps!


You were right! all I had to do was to turn it off at the form level as you said. When I did that, my automation kicked in and everything was perfect! Thanks so much! I knew it was something small like that!


@storytellingwithphot glad I could help!


Hello, I just came across this thread as I have a similar problem. How do you deal with the double optin in this case? Can you send a confirmation email using an automation?