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Can't Integrate Zapier and Active Campaign. Help!

When I try to paste the api key into the Zapier popup window it will not allow me to paste. When I try to manually input the key it is too long. What do I do?

What integrations you want to make? maybe you can try us Apiway. It is a free Zapier alternative.

Can someone help me with the Lemlist > Active Campaign integration via Zapier?
In the ideal world, when I receive an email reply in Lemlist, a new deal should be created in AC. Any thoughts on that?
However, in AC shows up that the contact ID is required to create a deal, and it won’t recognize anything that I put in.
As this was a cold email campaign, I added all email addresses to contacts in AC, but still nothing happened.

Hey @usersnap1, apologies for the trouble! Have you tried reaching out to Support so that they can help you troubleshoot? If you haven’t already, they can be reached here.

@usersnap1 you are better off adding a tag when u receive a reply and trigger an automation within AC to create a deal. that shouldn’t be a problem. If you still face issues, feel free to DM me with screenshots etc and I can def look into it… :tickets: