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Call Tracking in Active Campaign

Do you have plans to integrate call tracking in active campaign? It will be very useful.


Would a solution like Nectar Desk meet your needs?

I Brian! I have two questions:

  • It works fine in Portugal?
  • Can I do automatized track of campaigns (online and offline), in various channels and places, by attribution of different numbers with Dynamic Number Insertion?

Online & Offline Campaigns
Track calls from paid search, online advertising, direct mail, TV, tradeshows, print collateral, and more.

Form Submissions
Associate website visitors with click to call form entries and connect prospects with agents instantaneously

Track the customer journey and know exactly which keywords are driving phone calls.

Text Messages
Integrate text messaging into your advertising call tracking for faster, more effective communication

Example of software:

Thank You!


I’m not familiar enough with Nectar Desk to answer those questions. I’d recommend reaching out to the developer. His email is:

I’d be surprised if it did all of that, but maybe the developer knows of an integration that adds that functionality.

Hi Brian,

I am also looking for a good call tracker for mobile phones, that has no calling service/carrier included but only uses my mobile (call log) and sends those data to AC.

I have seen such mobile phone call tracking apps (for Android / iPhone) from a lot of other CRMs via the service MagneticOne Mobile, i.e. Pipedrive call tracker -

I just wrote them now and asked if they can do that for AC - as the customer has to pay for the service then.

btw: Does AC have a call log?

It would be great to have such a mobile phone call tracker app from AC directly…


I can’t recommend nectar desk. I have used them for two months and it wasn’t worth it. Poor voice quality and limited features if you use your cell phone to make calls.

Were you able to get the solution for this?

We are considering using “JustCall” anyone used them?