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Bulk Conditions: Is it better to have a lot of small conditions or a few large conditions?


Continuing the discussion from Conditional First Name tag use with if/else:

Wouldn’t ELSE be the addition of more IF’s?

It would mean the difference between asking the server 100+ small questions or a couple large ones… Which is better? I don’t know. I did just try and ask it 150 conditions and it failed “Your content could not be processed”. However, I don’t know whether it failed because it was overloaded or failed because my code had an error I don’t know yet.


I have found that less is better, but there’s a workaround when you have no choice.

I created an automation that checks if the contact has a tag for each of the 75 workshops we offer (so 75 If/Else Conditions). When I initially set it up as one automation, it was a nightmare. The automation was so wide, it took 3-4 minutes to scroll right when connecting the elements together so I spent HOURS and HOURS building it.

I finally got fed up and figured out a workaround. I broke up the 75 If/Else Conditions into 9 automations (because we have 9 workshop categories). I add a tag to the contact to get them started down automation #1. When they get to the end, they are automatically dropped into #2, and so on. There is no other way to get into automations #2-9. Only by completing the previous automation. At the end of automation #9, the tag that started it is removed.

I call them “Cascading Automations” but I don’t know if there’s an official term.

Hope that helps.