Bulk add notes


Is there no way to bulk add notes? In this doc by AC it shows as an option but I can’t bulk add notes when I select multiple contacts. https://www.activecampaign.com/blog/bulk-edit-your-contacts/ - Please advise.


Hi @gordoncreative,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, that image is outdated so we will be sure to update it!

You can do this via API: contact_note_add

Hope this helps,



Doing it via the API isn’t super helpful. I see that Zapier has an option so maybe I can bulk do something that way. Is there a specific reason why it was removed from the ability to do it within AC directly?


Hi @gordoncreative,

I totally understand and I wish I had a better answer for you, but the only way to accomplish this is via API making multiple calls.


Hi pleon,
I don’t have this specific need in the future, but thought I’d comment that as a small business operator with limited deep-tech skills, I’d agree with Gordon. Not super-helpful.

Doing basic house-keeping on our data, to make it more useful, should be baked into how the platform works, and not need deep tech skills.

Just so I understand, is the roadmap predicated on AC being a platform aimed at:

  • the marketing automation service industry, and the big-operators; or
  • at opening it up further to owner-operators like myself, who like to figure out how to do things, but have limited time-capacity to learn deep tech skills?



Hi Mike (@mikeclayton),

Definitely understand that and we really do appreciate the feedback on this.

Where the operator is lacking limited deep-tech skills the best solution we have is contacting one of our Certified Consultants.




Thank you, Perry. So, to clarify, what you are saying is that AC is aiming itself at the highly technically competent end of the market, and that you are comfortable if some obvious actions are not baked into the UI.