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In your google analytic config someone missed equal sign which is stopping JS execution

<!-- Google Analytics Config-->
<script type="text/javascript">
	var environment = 'prod';
	var account_id = '00000';
	**var ac_user_id '1';**
	var plan_tier = '5';
	var title = '15000000032 Email Marketing' + ' - ' + 'Lists'; 
	var page = '/admin/main.php?action=list'; 

this can be replicated under following link:


I have noticed that after iterating over all pulled lists via API and assigning them to the admin group I can see in the list assignment popup lists which I guess should not be visible as perhaps they’re system lists? Not sure about that though. Please see attached screenshot. Also I am able to partly assign them to the contact but with error from the adapter.


I can only assume that this is not intended and therefore I though I will report it here.


When I create a list via API3 and specify email addresses for subscription_notify and unsubscription_notify I do get an email when contact subscribes to the list which never been subscribed before but as soon as I resubscribe contact to the list the email confirmation is not sent. I could assume that this is intended behavior however fact that regardles how many time I unsubscribe contact I do get confirmation email makes me think that missing confirmation email after resubscribing is not intended. Please correct me if I am wrong.


There’s a really frustrating UX issue when you select text in a form field (in several areas of AC, including creating deals, editing forms, etc). If you select the text and release the cursor outside the text box, the entire data entry pop-up box closes.

Please ensure that “onmousedown” event is recorded on the blacked area of the screen first, before closing the prompt box “onmouseup”.


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So glad you mentioned it and documented it. It’s been driving me crazy!

Do we have any clue if these bug reports are being read though? I’m not seeing any of the ActiveCampaign folks in here.

When clicking “Automate this task/note/email” in the contact manager:


Not sure if this is intended but Ecommerce Deep Data displays times using the user’s machine’s timezone and Site Tracking tooltips display the time using the user’s account’s timezone. Switch your local machine’s timezone to a timezone different from the account’s timezone and the issue becomes apparent.