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In your google analytic config someone missed equal sign which is stopping JS execution

<!-- Google Analytics Config-->
<script type="text/javascript">
	var environment = 'prod';
	var account_id = '00000';
	**var ac_user_id '1';**
	var plan_tier = '5';
	var title = '15000000032 Email Marketing' + ' - ' + 'Lists'; 
	var page = '/admin/main.php?action=list'; 

this can be replicated under following link:



I have noticed that after iterating over all pulled lists via API and assigning them to the admin group I can see in the list assignment popup lists which I guess should not be visible as perhaps they’re system lists? Not sure about that though. Please see attached screenshot. Also I am able to partly assign them to the contact but with error from the adapter.


I can only assume that this is not intended and therefore I though I will report it here.



When I create a list via API3 and specify email addresses for subscription_notify and unsubscription_notify I do get an email when contact subscribes to the list which never been subscribed before but as soon as I resubscribe contact to the list the email confirmation is not sent. I could assume that this is intended behavior however fact that regardles how many time I unsubscribe contact I do get confirmation email makes me think that missing confirmation email after resubscribing is not intended. Please correct me if I am wrong.