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Automation loop/wait limit



We have an automation triggered by a customer entering a deal. The customer will pretty much stay in this automation until they are manually removed from the automation and deal.

However, doing while testing, I found that the automation would stop for customers who have cycled through the automation ~12 times.

Based on recommendation by support, I should put a WAIT to slow things down. The WAIT’s are in there, and when I click on the automation from within the customer contact page, I can see the automation is stopped, no longer WAITing.

Is there a number of times a customer can go through a loop?




I received an email from Liz in support (THANK YOU), who confirmed I was hitting a ActiveCampaign loop limit of 10 trips through the loop in a 24 hour period.

I am going to adjust the wait time for my tests to a longer wait and retest. Downside is, this will increase the amount of time needed for testing by a day or two.