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Automation is not sending mails to users

I just created an automation campaign with a series of emails and the subscribers are not receiving any email.
Though it appears in the queue but not sending emails. Can anybody help me here?

I’m also having the same problem. I have the simplest setup you can think of, since it’s just a test really. I have a trigger for when a new subscriber is added to a list. Then it’s just supposed to send a simple welcome email. When I test with my personal gmail account, I never receive the email even though the automation says that it ‘completed’.

What’s even crazier is that I then added a second welcome email in the same automation chain as a re-test kind of thing with a 5 minute wait in between that and the first email. I still don’t receive the first email, but sometimes I receive the second email! I also added a notification email to send to myself and I receive that one almost every time too. I’ve tested this about 20 times now with 4 or 5 different emails and Here’s a screenshot below.

I’m pretty frustrated with this because I’ve spent the better of 3 hours now trying to debug this and I’m a brand new client. I’m not having a good experience at all and so far, not only am I going to switch to another platform, I’m going to ensure that all of my business partners and community know to run away from this horribly buggy software.

EDIT: To be clear, I’m not receiving emails when I’m trying this on a live test contact (my personal email). If I try sending a test email through the automation email options UI, it will send immediately and work. I will also receive emails if I send a simple email message to my live test contact via “Send an Email” on the contact UI.

Did anyone ever figure out how this issue was resolved? I am having the same problem with my automation sequence.

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I’ve had this problem also, but sometimes I’m able to solve it by doing the following: Delete the first 5 minute wait period and then re-create it.

There seems to be a bug in the system, but when I do the above it generally fixes it. For some reason it’s only the first wait period, so you wouldn’t need to repeat that for the subsequent wait periods. Hope that helps.

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