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Automation delays - Wait states w tags

I have automations with WAIT states based on the presence or absence of tags. When I apply a tag, I’d like that contact to move past the WAIT to the next automation step. Unfortunately, there is a very long delay after the tag is applied before the contact moves on past the WAIT.

In Infusionsoft, this could take several seconds or so, depending on system load, I supposed, but it didn’t usually take longer than 30-40 seconds. In AC, it can take several minutes (I haven’t sat there to time it, I’m too busy to sit there and wait on the system like that.

I’d like for a wait state to change within seconds so I can trigger emails while I’m on the phone with prospects. If there is any delay in the email delivery, that just adds more to the time, so I’d like the wait state change to happen as instantaneously as possible.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. How long do you think this should take? Is there any reason why a consistent 5-10 second delay couldn’t be a maximum time to be expected for this?

Thanks so much,