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Automatically create deal if >3 contacts have the same email domain


We’re seeing a lot of users of the same company registering on our website They all have the same email domain.

They don’t always form a ‘team account’ on our platform however - meaning we can have eg. 30 users with the same email domain who are not associated with each other on our website.

Is it possible to automatically create a deal if there are eg. 3 contacts with the same email domain, and then add all those contacts to the deal?

Would be very glad if this is possible in any way :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I doubt you can build an automation for this, as they can only be triggered by an individual contact’s actions or properties. ActiveCampaign cannot trigger off, for this example, a count of contacts with the same property.

There’s some complex logic behind this, for example, which contact would the deal be associated with?